Amber Rum
Noxx & Dunn

NOXX & DUNN 245 750ML

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Distilled from 100% Florida sugar cane molasses. Aged in Florida's sub-tropical climate in used American Oak barrels. Carefully selected rums aged 2, 4 and 5 years, blended to a sturdy 43%. Meticulously filtered to produce an impeccably clean and flavourful rum. No flavour or colour added. Our team of craftsmen with almost a century of international distilling knowledge believe that a blend of rums aged 2, 4 and 5 years produces the most consistent and drinkable of spirits. Noxx & Dunn 2-4-5 is aged in Florida's sub-tropical climate, experiencing extreme heat through the summer months, with a mellowing of the temperature for short periods in the winter. Aged in used American Oak barrels, Noxx & Dunn 2-4-5 draws it's colour and enriched flavour from the barrel,and only from the barrel. That is until you mix it into your favourite cocktail or with a splash of whatever…
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  • Brand: Noxx & Dunn
  • ABV: 0.0