Wine Varietals

We have a vast selection of Red and White wine grape varietals available in our stores with new and exciting products arriving weekly. To truly appreciate a wine, you should understand the characteristics of the different grapes with more than 6000 wines in stock, you’re certain to find the perfect wine for any occasion.


Red Wines

Great everyday wines that pair well with food and quench your thirst with light tannins.

Approachable red wines with soft tannins and flavors of ripe fruits that are soft and juicy with a medium-body. These wines are easy to drink on their own or serve as great refreshing wines with food.

Complex, full-bodied and aromatic wines with aggressive tannins. These wines are meant for big flavors and full-bodied food.


The world of red wines can be overwhelming with so many varieties available. When beginning to explore the wines, there are a few terms to be familiar with: Body: the “body” of wine refers to how thick or thin the wine feels on your tongue. Is it thin like water or thick like milk? Tannins are the mouth drying quality that causes wine to feel firm in your mouth. When a red wine is young, the firmness can be quite intense and over time the tannins will mellow and blend with the other characteristics of wine. Beginning wine tasters should start with lighter bodied and fruit forward wines.  

Cabernet Franc (Cab-er Nay Frank)

Cabernet Franc is typically used as a blend with Cabernet and Merlot grapes. It’s much lighter than Cabernet, typically light to medium-bodied but shares many of the same flavor and aroma profiles with less tannins and a smoother mouth feel.

This grape is becoming popular throughout the world including California, Loire Valley, Italy & even New Zealand. 

Characteristics – Red fruits, violets, tobacco and graphite with vegetal notes.
Food Pairings – Blue cheese, Red meats, dishes with tomato sauce.

Cabernet Sauvignon (Cab-er-Nay  So-vin-yon)

Known as the “King” of Red Wines, unblended Cabernet Sauvignon has incredibly bold, vast flavors including black currants, plums, blackberries, chocolate, bell peppers and tobacco. Just as Chardonnay loves oak aging, so does Cabernet Sauvignon which integrates flavors of toasty cedar, vanilla, pepper and spice into the wine. It’s a fresh, medium to full-bodied wine with bright, red-fruit forward characters and high tannin content.

Grown in almost every region, Cabernet Sauvignon got its start from the Bordeaux region in France. It continues to flourish from Canada and around the globe.

Characteristics – Black currants, plum, black cherry, bell pepper, cedar, mint, tobacco.
Food Pairings – Red meats like rib-eye steaks, hearty pastas, strong cheese and dark chocolate.


Gamay is typically a light-bodied wine with aromas of fruits reminiscent of strawberries and raspberries with fairly low tannins. This is a smooth and easy drinking wine, great for those first time red wine drinkers!

Famous from Beaujolais in France, come check out all the offerings we have at Wine & Beyond.

Characteristics- Fresh and fruity flavors of strawberries and raspberries.
Food Pairings – Roast chicken, salmon, burgers and pizza.

Malbec (MAHL – beck)

Well known as a grape from Argentina, medium to full-bodied with dark fruit flavors of plums, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries making it jammy with hints of violet and toasting oak. This wine has characteristics that fall somewhere between Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot with tannins that are usually tight and earthy which makes it very versatile.

France, the home of Malbec offers some fantastic Malbec wines as well as Argentina & Chile.

Characteristics – Jammy with Plum, Raspberry, Blackberry, earthy and dark coffee or chocolate.
Food Pairings – Definitely a red meat wine and great with tomato bases sauces. Try with BBQ ribeye steak, chili, pot roast and sausage.

Merlot (mer-LOW)

Wine lovers can’t drink enough Merlot with its fresh and simple drinking style. This is a great blending grape which produces a medium- bodied wine with hints of berry, plums and currants mixed with cocoa and black pepper. Merlot is usually considered one of the sweeter red wines as its low in acidity and tannins which make the fruit more pronounced.

Another France grape, Merlot is becoming increasing popular in other areas of the world like California, Washington, Australia & Chile.

Characteristics – Plummy, juicy, black cherries, chocolate and lush and velvety.
Food Pairings – Very versatile wine, great with poultry, red meat, pork ,pasta, pizza and salads. Definitely excellent with cheese or even your homemade burger!

Nebbiolo (Nah-BYOH-low)

A demanding grape to grow but when produced correctly it is a great wine which is full-bodied with rich tannins, complex flavors and aromas of cherries, strawberries, violets, black licorice and truffles. Thin and light in color with intense and powerful yet smooth tannins, this wine is great for the cellar.

Nebbiolo got its start in Italy and is now growing in California, Oregon, Argentina & Australia.

Characteristics – Red berries, mint, tobacco and rose.
Food Pairings – Aged cheese, game meat, Mexican and Indian dishes.

Pinot Noir (PEE-no-NWAH)

Pinot Noirs offer elegance and refinement with exotic bouquets of classic black cherry, strawberry, raspberry and currant flavors and aromas that resemble a bit of earth, herb, cola and a touch of toast and spices. It’s considered a sensual, seductive easy-drinking red with inviting, spicy, earth and vivid fruit flavors. Pinot Noir is light to medium bodied, fruit forward red that is slightly dry and a great choice for beginners.

The grape of Burgundy France, Pinot Noir continues to gain strength in Canada, Chile, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand & USA. Each growing area offers something truly unique to the Pinot Noir grape so come down to Wine & Beyond and choose a couple to sample, find your favorite!

Characteristics – Fragrant, floral, cherry, raspberries, strawberry, earthy and mushrooms.
Food Pairings – Poultry, beef, pork, salmon or tuna and creamy sauces.

Sangiovese  (san-geeo-VEHS-eh)

Well known for its supple texture and medium to full bodied spice, raspberry, cherry, cinnamon and vanilla flavors. Sangiovese can be medium to high in acidity with a finish from elegant to bitter. This is a great blending grape with Cabernet Sauvignon; Sanigiovese gives the resulting wine a smoother texture and lightens up the tannins.

Best known from Italy, Sangiovese is gaining popularity in other areas like France, Argentina & Australia.

Characteristics – Black cherry, spicy, smoky and herbal.
Food Pairings – Great with chicken, red meat, anything mushroom, tomato based dishes and well-aged cheese.

Syrah/Shiraz (sih-RAH or Shih-RAHZ)

A spicy, bold and big-hitting red wine with pronounced flavors of pepper, spice black cherry, tar, leather and roasted nuts with aromas of blackcurrants, cherry, chocolate, ground pepper and coffee. This is a smooth red wine medium to full-bodied, firm tannins but not abrasive and highly concentrated style.

Grown throughout the world, this grape originated from the Rhone region in France. This grape offers impressive wines from numerous areas including Australia, USA and Canada.  

Characteristics – Smokey, pepper, chocolate, violets and blackcurrants.
Food Pairings - Great with grilled meats or veggies, beef stew or meat lovers pizza. Think bold, think peppery spice!

Tempranillo (Temp-rah-NEEL-yo)

Is a classic Spanish grape almost always high in tannins with subtle fruit flavors of strawberries, berry jam, spice and leather. A big, full-bodied red wine with medium tannins and a smooth, crisp finish.

Native from Spain, Tempranillo has also arrived in California, Australia & Argentina.

Characteristics – Ripe berries, cherries, vanilla and tobacco.
Food Pairings – Lamb, quiche, BBQ red meat, chorizo sausage.

Zinfandel (ZIHN-fan-dell)

Zinfandel is zesty with an array of flavors including spicy pepper, red fruits like cherries and plums, spices, licorice and wood. It’s charming and balanced and a great rival to the Cabernet Sauvignon! Zinfandel has a medium to high tannin level.Very popular in USA, Zinfandel seems to have got its start from Croatia!

Characteristics – Raspberry, blackberry, black pepper and oak.
Food Pairings – Lamb, beef, spicy fare or even burgers.


White Wines:


These light and crisp wines are delicious alternative and make excellent matches for food. These wines are noteworthy for their delicacy and acidity which allow them to pair well with rich dishes as
well as seafood.

These wines are medium-bodied with lively acidity, great fruit flavor or herb profiles making them a perfect pairing with many dishes.

These wines are rich and full-bodied white wines that tend to be low in acid, making great
table wines.


There are hundreds of white wine grape varieties available in our stores. They are refreshing and a perfect choice with light meals or as an aperitif.

Chardonnay (Shar-dun-Nay)

Chardonnays are one of the most popular white wines planted, considered the “King of White wines.” These white grapes produce wines which are medium to full-bodied with rich and intense fruit flavors of peach, pear, apple and lemon with spice, honey and even butter. Wines with little or no oak are generally refreshing and crisp with fresh fruit aromas and flavors. Some Chardonnays are aged in oak which takes on a toasty- vanilla, spice and oak flavor. The wines that mature in oak barrels will have a rich, fuller fruit flavor, longer finish and more oak flavors.

Chardonnay grapes originated from the Burgundy region in France but have become common in major regions throughout the world. California, Australia & New Zealand have become large producers of Chardonnay wines. Not sure of which area to try? Check out our 90+ section or 12 wines under $12. You can find some fantastic wines under $12!

Characteristics –Fruits including apple, peach, pineapple and crisp, light oaky and buttery.
Food Pairings – Poultry, seafood, heavy cream sauce dishes and soft cheese.

Chenin Blanc (Shen-in Blonk)

This white grape offers an amazing selection of wines from the light to the fruity & smooth medium-bodied. A bouquet of flowers and citrus and stone fruits fills the nose and the flavors of the peaches and pears linger on the palate.

Famous from the Loire Valley in France, Chenin Blanc grapes are becoming increasingly popular from South Africa. We have over 100 wines from South Africa alone!

Characteristics – Crisp & Refreshing, peaches and pears and a bouquet of flowers.
Food Pairings – Appetizers, seafood or as an aperitif!.

Gewurztraminer (geh-VERTS-trah-mee-ner)

It’s hard to pronounce but it’s delicious! This white wine is bursting with floral bouquets, peaches and spice and flavors of exotic, spicy fruit flavors including lychee, citrus and peach. The highly perfume, aromatic scent makes this wine easy to recognize. It’s uncommonly rich, complex and a tremendous dessert wine.

Gewurztraminer is recognized from Alsace, France as well as Germany & Austria.

Characteristics – Highly fragrant with perfume, rose, lychee, peaches and honeysuckle.
Food Pairings – Fresh fruit, salad, cheese as well as a good complement to zesty meals like chicken wings and curries.


Often sweet and always fruity and floral, Moscato wines are herbaceous and delicate with powerful floral aromas and sweet, spicy flavors. A very light wine & event spritzy character. These grapes can be found in Italy, California & more!

Characteristic – Floral, apricot, peach, spicy and sweet.
Food Pairings – Summer salad, fruit, dessert.

Pinot Grigio/ Pinot Gris (PEE-no GREE-zho or GREE)

Depending on the region where the grapes are grown, Pinot Grigio (Italy) and Pinot Gris (US), these grapes may be the same but they offer vastly different flavors and aromas. Rapidly growing in popularity, Pinot Grigio tends to be light to medium-bodied, crisp, refreshing and bursting with flavors of pear, apple and hints of perfume, lemon and mineral.

Popular from Italy, Oregon USA and France, each area offers a different flavor profile of Pinot Grigio. Come try a couple today!

Characteristics – Minerals, floral and apples and pears.
Food Pairings – Shellfish, sushi, roast pork, light pastas and cheese. Serve well-chilled.

Riesling (REES-ling)

Rieslings are light-bodied offering a refreshing palate appeal, generally sweeter with alluring floral bouquets filled with crisp green apples, lime, peach, honey and apricot fruit flavors. Don’t be surprised…not all Rieslings are incredibly sweet! Wine & Beyond has some awesome Rieslings that are complex, incredible and great for an everyday drink!

Famously from Germany, France, Austria and even countless more regions, Riesling grapes produce fantastic white wines!

Characteristics – Fragrant green apples, lemons, honey and floral.
Food Pairings – A very accommodating wine from appetizers to desserts and anything in-between.

Sauvignon Blanc (SO-vin-yon BLAHNK)

Sauvignon Blanc is generally medium – bodied, fairly fruity white wine with a unique aromatic personality of “cut grass” or “musk” as well as melon, bell-peppers, herbs and citrus fruits like grapefruits or lemons. Wines that have not been aged in oak are typically fruity, bursting with citrus aromas and flavors. Oaked Sauvignon Blanc wines take on a creamy vanilla, smooth style. No matter where Sauvignon Grapes are grown, or if they have been aged in oak, they will have aromas and flavors of grass or herbs, making this white wine easier to identify.

Sauvignon Blanc grapes originated from France but are now popular in areas throughout the world, specifically Canada, New Zealand, South Africa & California.

Characteristics –Freshly cut grass, bell-peppers, grapefruit and melons.
Food Pairings – Very food friendly and great with appetizers, cream sauces with fresh herbs, salads, chicken and fish.

Torrontes (Tohr-ROHN-tayss)

The fragrant Torrontes is a light-bodied white wine with delicate, crisp acidity and intriguing aromatics. The mouth feel is smooth with peaches, grapes and apricots on the nose.

Famously from Argentina, Torrontes is also grown in Chile & Spain.

Characteristic – Peach, grapes, lychee.
Food Pairings – Salad, pizza, seafood, grilled chicken and soft cheese like goat cheese, brie and mozzarella.

Viognier (vee-oh-NYAY)

Viognier is a big, rich and full-bodied white wine with amazing complexity and incredible aromatics. Viognier has mangos, apricots and peaches on the nose with nuts and spices on the palate.

This may be a rare grape but we have plenty to offer at Wine & Beyond! Notable from the Rhone Valley, there are more and more coming out of the USA.

Characteristics – Mangos, Apricots, peaches, floral and perfume.
Food Pairings – Spicy dishes, fruit salsa and grilled fish.