Canadian Wine

Canada grows some of the greatest wines and Icewine around with the majority produced in BC and Ontario. There are wineries scattered throughout the Okanagan Valley in BC and the Niagara Peninsula of Ontario & we are proud to carry a vast selection at Wine & Beyond.

Canadian VQA (Vintners Quality Alliance) is an appellation symbol of quality wine. This symbol assures that the wine is made from 100% Canadian grown grapes. This system operates and is administered separately out of Ontario and BC.

Cellared in Canada (CIC) means that the grapes used in the wine can be from any area of the world as the grape growing areas and viticulture in Canada is small.

Ice Wine is a Canadian specialty as we have the perfect temperatures for producing fantastic Ice Wine’s. Grapes are left on the vine during the winter months to intensify the flavor of the grapes. Harvest begins during the dead of night during the frigid and extreme temperatures offered up by the icy Canadian winterscape. The finished product is intense, sweet and sumptuous with flavors ranging from peach to lychee. Ice wine is truly a “work of art.”

There are new wines coming to our stores all the time, new vintages, small lot, limited and award-winning products that we are pleased to offer all of our guests.