Oh the Caribbean Islands, home of…Rum! Rum is made from sugarcane, though many are still made from molasses and aged in oak. There are four types of rums:

  • White - Generally white rum has little aging or color and used paired with mixers like coke, tonic or fruit juice
  • Dark - Dark rum gets their color and flavor from being aged in charred barrels and is usually sweeter than white rum with hints of spice and caramel.
  • Spiced or Flavored - Rums infused with flavoring agents like vanilla, caramel, cinnamon or fruit.
  • Flavored Rums - Rums flavored with fruits flavors and used for blended cocktails

The best way to find your favorite rum is to compare several different products like spiced, flavored, white and dark and smell, taste and compare them. Wine & Beyond offers a huge selection of rum from around the world!