Apertifs & Liqueurs

An Apertif is generally served before a meal, meant to stimulate the appetite and are usually lower-proof drinks.
Liqueurs are distilled beverages comprised of grain, grape, fruit or vegetables with high sugar content and these can be divided into several categories:

  • Spirit Liqueurs – these showcase the base spirit flavors like whisky or bourbon with added flavors of honey, cloves, or even fruit.
  • Nut and Kernel Liqueurs – these are based on a variation of nuts like hazelnut, walnuts or coffee beans
  • Spice and herbal liqueurs – many liqueurs have a variety of herbs and spices
  • Fruit liqueurs – citrus or other fruits as well as sweetener are the base
  • Cream liqueurs – dairy products are added into the product

Cordials are liqueurs made with fruit juice.