If you like beers then you’re in great company at Wine & Beyond with our 1800 different products. Our specialty is to find the best beers in the world to provide you with a unique beer drinking experience. We have everything from pilsners to porters, domestic to imported, craft beer to growlers! We have found some unique twists, techniques and unheard of combinations for exciting, distinctive new styles so come in and spend some time browsing our beer selections.



Know your Beer

Wine & Beyond has a vast selection of domestic, import and craft beers as well as our own beer growler system! Enjoy fresh draught beer filled straight from the tap to your own re-fillable growler.

We have an irresistible dedication to anything with hop, malt, yeast or even fruit so come check out our new, unique and exciting brews today, some of which won’t be found anywhere else!


Beer Styles

Having been in production for over 3000 years, there are hundreds of different beers and beer styles with slight distinctions and variations available from large to small scale and local breweries. We have the traditional lagers, ales, wheat and fruit beers as well as Craft Beer. Generally beer will fall into two major categories:

Ales (top fermented) – fermented in warmer temperatures to produce a full-bodied beer with fruity aromas and robust flavors, some bitterness and higher alcohol content. Ales are like red wines.

Lagers (bottom fermented) – fermented in cooler temperatures for a drier, crisper and less bitter, lighter tasting beer. Lagers are like white wines as they are generally light in color and flavor with a crisp finish.

Lager, Pilsner & Light

These beers are typically clear, crisp and most refreshing when served chilled.

  • Lager – Generally light colored with clean, fruity and slightly hoppy aroma with a slight malt flavor. Lagers are well balanced with a crisp, dry finish. Try one today with an enchilada or pepper jack cheese.
  • Pilsner – Very light straw to golden in color, clean and simple with a pronounced spicy herbal or floral aroma. Great with Tuna, Salmon or mild cheddar cheese and fried or spicy food.
    To Pour a Pilsner – tilt the glass slightly and pour until half full, let the head settle and fill to almost the top for a firm and creamy head!
  • Light Beer – These beers have the same characteristics as the Lagers with lower alcohol and calories. They are thirst-quenching with low malt and hop flavors. Light Lagers pair well with summer salads.


There is a vast selection of Ales available with their characteristic fruity aroma; they vary in strength, color and clarity. Ales are typically within one of the three categories:

  • Pale Ale – A major beer style that has a refreshing flavor with hints of fruit, caramel, malty sweetness balanced by hoppy bitterness. Deep to golden amber in color. Best enjoyed chilled and on its own or with a tasty burger topped with cheddar cheese or a mouth-water steak.
  • Blonde Ale – Rich golden to pale straw in color with a smooth, malty sweetness with balanced bitterness. They are crisp and dry. Great with a summer salad or fire roasted bratwurst.
  • Amber Ale – These range from light copper to dark brown with a richer flavor than pale ale. They tend to focus on malts with a tasty, sweet caramel note and citrusy aromas with a smooth finish. These pair well with steaks, feta or sharp cheddar cheese.
  • Strong Ale – Rich and complex beer which is reddish copper in color with a bold fruity, aromatic and malty flavor. These ales are great with roasts!
  • Porter – Originating from London, porters are generally dark in color and high in alcohol
  • Stout – This is a dark, rich and heavy style beer generally made from a mix of malt and barley. There are a number of variations with caramel or sugar added as well as new varieties with notes of nuts, chocolate, coffee and spice. Stouts are amazing with roast or smoked dishes, or even desserts!

Wheat & Craft Beer

Wheat Beer, sometimes referred to as White beer, is typically brewed with wheat and malted barley and can be slightly hazy with a distinctive silky, mouth feel. They have a sweet, slightly tart but fruity flavor which is refreshing and unusual. Try a wheat beer today with seafood, sushi or grilled chicken and don’t forget the orange or lemon wedge!

Want to discover a new and interesting beer? Try one of our great Craft beers! With interest rising in more flavorful varieties of beer, the landscape of the beer industry is changing with more Craft & Specialty brews becoming available. There is a dazzling array of quality beer offered in Wine & Beyond.

Beer has been in production for over 3000 years and an increasing taste for beers that tantalize the palate and quench the thirst is driving the market towards boutique craft beers.

Fruit Beer

Consumers are continuously looking for new beers to try and brewers are happy to oblige! There are beers in store which use cherries, raspberries, apricots or blueberries for a sweeter and more seductive beer offering.

Seasonal Brews

With the changing seasons of Alberta, comes a change of beer for every season with beer! We have beers for Thanksgiving, winter and summer packs, Oktoberfest and so many more!

Beer & Food Pairings

While wine can be a great choice with meals, beer can also be a wonderful accompaniment to your favorite dinner.

Lighter style beers best compliment light meals just as heavier meals pair best with full bodied beer.

Don’t forget dessert! A great stout pairs well with a rich, chocolate dessert

Try matching flavors in your meal with similar flavors in beer for example, a hoppy beer would compliment any dish with fresh herbs.